Gent Jazz “Back to Live” is a special edition, adapted to the corona measures.

The main practical adjustments:

Table arrangement

– Visitors must take place at a table of 2 or 4 persons maximum.
– There will be no fixed table, you can take place at a free table.
– We provide service at the table for drinks as well as meals and snacks.
– You may leave the table to visit the toilet.
– All seats are covered and well ventilated.


– We offer tickets both individually and in pairs or fours.
– To allow as many people as possible to enjoy the festival safely, the number of individual tickets is limited. It could be that there are still tickets available in pairs or fours but that we can no longer offer individual tickets.
– For the same reason we cannot offer tickets in threes. Our apologies for this.
– The capacity of the festival is limited.
– The programme of this ‘Back to Live’ edition has been adjusted in function of travel advice and the limited capacity per day.


– We provide sufficient points for hand hygiene.
– Mouth masks will most likely still be compulsory for everyone moving around the festival grounds but may come off when sitting at your table.

Anyone who feels unwell or ill is expected to take responsibility and not attend the festival.As a festival visitor of Gent Jazz Back to Live, you do not need a negative coronatest and you do not need to be vaccinated. Thanks to the measures taken for visitors and the adapted set-up of the festival – a.o. with tables for four people – it is safe for everyone.

Why do I have to give my name to buy tickets?
We ask for the name and contact details of all ticket holders. We do this to make contact tracing possible in case of a virus outbreak and to prevent fraud.
You do not know yet who will come with you to the festival but you want to buy tickets for e.g. a table of four? Then you can put your own name and phone number on all tickets.
I bought a ticket but cannot come, can I have it refunded?
Unfortunately, we cannot take back purchased tickets. This would make the organisation of a festival impossible because of the financial risks involved.
You can safely resell or exchange tickets via
The day of my choice is sold out, is there a waiting list?
No, we do not work with a waiting list. It is possible that extra tickets may become available for a certain day, but check our website or social media channels to find out.
You can still try to get tickets for the day of your choice on, which is a safe platform for buying, selling and exchanging concert tickets.
I have 2020 vouchers

No problem! These vouchers are still valid, for any ticket in the ticket shop
for this year or next year (validity period 2 years).

I bought tickets for the cancelled 2021 edition
Our apologies to all those who we have had to keep in the dark about their tickets for cancelled festival days. For a long time we had no clear (legal) framework to base ourselves on.

On May 25, 2021, the Ministerial Decree was finally published regarding the cancellation of festivals, so this took some time. Our apologies!

In the meantime, though, we have already been working on inviting the headliners of this summer back to Gent Jazz in 2022. But … those discussions are still ongoing. To make sure everything proceeds correctly, we have decided to send you a voucher for any day of Gent Jazz in 2021 (alternative festival ‘Back To Live’), 2022, and 2023. Except for the days that are already sold out of course.

If we manage to lure the headliner of your festival day back to Gent Jazz next year, you will receive a link for an exclusive presale – so you can be the first to exchange your voucher for a ticket for that particular day. If you can’t make it that day, you can use your voucher to buy a ticket for any other day.

If you bought tickets for Sting, you did not receive any vouchers as the tickets were automatically converted to 2022. If you still want a voucher, please send an email to before 1 July.

The vouchers are valid for three years and two months. So they can be used for Gent Jazz ‘back to live’ in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

How to redeem your voucher?
1. Click on the ticket link ‘order tickets’ on our website.
2. Indicate how many tickets you want to buy of a certain day.
3. At the third step of the checkout process (page title: ‘summary’) click on the button ‘a
voucher code?” and enter the voucher code(s).
4. Click on ‘apply’.
5. Your discount appears in the order summary.
Do I have to redeem the voucher in one go?
No. The voucher is a credit that can be redeemed freely, in one go or in instalments, during the validity period. You do NOT have to spend the full value of your voucher(s) in one go.
spend in one go. If you buy a ticket with a voucher that is cheaper than the value of the voucher, you can use the remaining value to buy other tickets later on.
Can I use my voucher for any ticket?
Yes, you can, as long as the tickets of your choice are currently available through the online ticket shop. I bought a ticket because of a particular artist but he is not on the
programme. If we succeed in bringing the headliner of the festival day for which you had a ticket to Gent Jazz next year, you will receive a message from us with a link through which you can buy tickets through an exclusive presale. For this you can use your voucher or – if this voucher is already partly or fully used for other tickets – just pay.
What about my Sting tickets?
Tickets for the festival day with Sting in 2020 are automatically exchanged for tickets for the festival day with Sting in 2022.
the festival day with Sting that we foresee in 2022. Ticket holders can also convert their ticket into a voucher that can be used for tickets at Gent Jazz 2021, 2022 or 2023. More information about this was delivered to the ticket holders by mail.
I still have a voucher for Jazztons
This voucher can also be used to purchase tickets in the ticket shop.
You can also exchange this credit at the ticket office on site at the festival.