Cesar Quinn

Sunday 11 July 2021 / 16h45 – 17h45

Frederik Daelemans – Guitar, Keys, Voice, Cello
Neil Claes – Guitar, Voice
Iskander Moens – Bass, Keys, Voice
Thibault Goudket – Drums, Percussion, Voice

Doors of this festival day open at 15h30. Your ticket gives you access to all concerts of this festival day. This is a seated concert day. Tickets are being offered per table of one, two or four. Ticket price is 44 euro. Child tickets (-12) are available at 8 euros (see conditions).

22.30-00.00 h. - Wim Mertens
20.15-21.30 h. - Sohnarr
18.30-19.30 h. - Niklas Paschburg
16.45-17.45 h. - Cesar Quinn

CESAR QUINN is a project centered around multi-instrumentalist and producer Frederik Daelemans that aims to immerse us in blinding waves of warmth.

His debut album OPAL was released on April 21 and fuses ethereal alternative and modern jazz into an absorbing swirl of spherical music with flashes of psychedelic post-punk. Frederik Daelemans (19) is surrounded by kask-student neil claes (19), iskander moens (20) and thibault goudket (22) to come alive as a tight, energetic and exciting live band.

CESAR QUINN offers a beautiful and promising Belgian answer to the london jazz scene. For fans of: King Krule, Radiohead, alpha Mist …