Saturday 17 July 2021 / 16h45 – 17h45

Werend Van Den Bossche: Sax & Fx
Louise Van Den Heuvel: Bass & Fx
Arno Grootaers: Drums & Fx

Doors of this festival day open at 15h30. Your ticket gives you access to all concerts of this festival day. This is a seated concert day. Tickets are being offered per table of one, two or four. Regular ickets of 39 euro are sold out. Patio seats* are still available at 20 euro. Child tickets (-12) are available at 8 euros (see conditions).

*The patio seats do not have an optimal view of the stage, but always have a perfect sound

22.30-00.00 h. - STUFF.
20.15-21.30 h. - Dijf Sanders
18.30-19.30 h. - Bandler Ching
16.45-17.45 h. - Dishwasher_
Dishwasher_ is the Ghent jazz band of Arno Grootaers (Pavlove), Werend Van Den Bossche (Suura) and Louise van den Heuvel (Supernova). Together, the trio wants to break down the walls between genres and treat listeners to a fresh sound that they themselves call kraut jazz. The trio has a love for computer produced music and approaches its more conventional instruments in such a way that the link with classical jazz is hard to detect. Their effervescent, improvised live sets are unpredictable and allow the audience to really live in the moment.